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Perhaps the most dead-on bit of futurism in the movie was anticipating the technology to have the same program showing on TVs in every room of your home. I see commercials these days that look a lot like that scene.
Having missed the movie, I may not be getting the full implication of your statement here. I've always been able to tune multiple TV's to the same channel. Do you mean it was some kind of on demand thing?
Caan's character put a compact videotape-like item into a slot next to the big-screen TV in his living room, and a video montage of his ex-wife began to play on that screen (as well as three smaller monitors above it, with different images on two of them). He then moved from room to room, and in every room, there was another big-screen TV array that was already active and showing the same video as soon as he entered. So all the TVs in his house were networked to the same source, and he could move from room to room and see the same continuous program without interruption.

Naturally, the idea was the Fahrenheit 451/Max Headroom kind of thing where everyone in the dystopian future is being constantly numbed by the opiate of ubiquitous television and nobody reads books anymore -- although it didn't go quite that far, since the characters could actually turn off their TVs.
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