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Re: F1 2012 Championship Thread

So, Vettel passes Button while off the track - flooring it while on the Santander logo on the wrong side of the rumble strip. When Button says (as they walk into the waiting room for the podium) the Stewards are going to investigate that, Vettel goes "I didn't know whether you were inside so I left room"? Didn't you notice you were off the road, Seb? Isn't it an important qualification for any driver, let alone a pro racing driver, to know whether he's actually on the fucking road or not!?

Vettel to Niki Lauda when asked about passing Jenson off the track "He didn't complain to me" - yes he fucking did, we saw it like two fucking minutes ago, when he told Seb the Stewards would be investigating his overtake!

Button should be given that second place back. A grid penalty for next time would not do anything about Vettel's illegally-gained position. Fuck it - give him both: demoted to third, *and* a grid penalty for Hungary. That was one of the most blatant cheats I've seen in *years* in F1.

And off the back of Red Bull getting off with fiddling the engine mappings too... (a rule which I suspect will be rewritten for clarity asap)
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