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The Third Cutter Squadron of the Border Service is commanded from Star Station Freedom. An old J-Class station (considered as the 'younger sibling' of the Watchtower-Class when first commissioned in the mid-23rd century), Freedom is where Squadron Commander T'Rona is located; whilst the facility itself has many berths for cutters and other ships to dock at for R&R, repairs, or to await new orders.

The Senior Staff for the base itself are:

Commanding Officer - Commander Lucas Garrett (Human)
From a long line of Starfleet officers, he has commanded Freedom since the end of the Dominion War. Though at first reluctant to accept a posting to the Border Service, he has come to like it. He has even found a new partner, who serves onboard one of the Squadrons cutters.
First Officer - Lt. Commander Areia (Deltan)
Beautiful, exotic and with an alluring purr to her voice, it all belies her strong convictions and dedication to duty.
Chief Medical Officer - Commander Dean Valentine (Human)
Though a full Commander, Doctor Valentine has no interest in being in charge of anything more than his infirmary. He prefers to get stuck in with his work and keep busy with patients, rather than fiddle around with test-tubes and writing papers.
Chief Station Operations Officer - Lieutenant Eres Haln (Napean)
His focus is on keeping the station running, whilst Lt. Commander Weir sees to the ships that dock. He has developed a strong affection for the old station, to the point where he can almost sense when something is about to go wrong.
Chief Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Litorah (Tiburonian)
After one or two 'personality clashes' in the regular fleet, she was transferred to the Border Service and assigned to Freedom. She is still grieving the loss of her husband in the war, which has left her angry and bitter.
Chief Communications Officer - Lieutenant JG Yavin Naro (Bajoran)
For a specialist in communications systems and linguistics, he is a somewhat quiet and reserved officer–stemming from a particularly harsh childhood on Valo II. Though an uncommon sight on starships, his role is vital to the smooth running of the Squadron.
Chief of Security - Master Chief Petty Officer Ezekiel Colt (Human)
An experienced old Border Dog, he has his sights set on retirement in the not-too-distant future, until then however, he works tirelessly to ensure the station and all those onboard are kept safe.
Did you have Tom Selleck in mind for Colt?
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