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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

In all seriousness, I would have appreciated it if they subtitled Bane's dialogue.

Let me say some positive things, now:

--the opening with Bane in the plane was absolutely amazing. it looked like they literally did that practically, having a plane dragging another plane in the air. That was incredible.
--Catwoman was awesome. She looked great in her catsuit and ears without it looking like she's wearing a costume. I also liked her journey from thief to betrayer to sidekick.
--The Batsuit looked absolutely perfect in this one. Any live action Batsuit always has problems with how it looks but this one was flawless. He looked so bad ass.
--The Pit prison was an amazing looking set. They literally built that?
--The first Batman / Bane fight in the sewer looked incredible. (I'm pissed he didn't use weapons against him but it was an ambush) The water on them, the setting, the way he got wailed on, cracking his cowl, that all looked amazing.
--No Man's Land is my favorite Bat story, so I think it's really cool they did that in the movie. And Knightfall is the other huge epic as well. So it's like the greatest hits of the comics! I just wish it was two movies (see the other thread, lol)
--The big mass battle at the end was nice and epic.
--The Batwing was awesome.
--I liked that this was the return of the League of Shadows and that we got Talia. I just Ra'sh was shown to be behind it all.
--I never get tired of the Scarecrow cameos
--I love that they "killed" Batman at the end and gave Bruce a happy ending. However I wish they killed him for real. I particularly loved the moment when Bats says to Gordon maybe a hero is just a guy putting his coat around a little boy's shoulders. That was a really effective way to reveal it without just spitting his name out. So that in a way Gordon was the inspiration for Batman.

So, who thinks that if Heath were alive, they would have shown the Joker being released from prison for No Man's Land, and the first thing Bats would have done when he was returned was hunt down the Joker before going after Bane?
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