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Re: 1:350 Scale Enterprise

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have you seen this fellow's work? your thread just reminded me of it and if you haven't already seen it I thought it might be useful to look at how someone else has dealt with the same issue. his rec deck is about half way down this page:
I have indeed! He made some very well thought out compromises and is a great modeler, eh?

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Some day I should build one on the EIGHT kits I bought.
Why the hell did I buy 8 of those thing!?!?
You bought eight because you had no choice. It is your density... I mean, destiny!

I told my wife and she gave me such a look- it was a warning look I think. Part disgust for what you buying 8 of them (she had a hell of time finding one for me), and part, "don't even think of it, Ivan"...

Anyway- I've made my decision. I'm still going with the tiered slope to blend with the contours more accurately. I've drawn up the plans to be a cross between Probert's concept, and TMP's final version. Like in my sketchup version above, I will have the catwalk along the aft windows, and the angled walls. I will also through in the display in the forward part of the room, TL access, and p/s corridors.

I start cutting and sculpting this morning.

And here we go.

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