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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I'm writing this before I get around to reading the rest of the thread, so I apologize if I step over ground already covered.

Overall Impression: A good movie, not as good as The Dark Knight, but still a good movie. I voted excellent on the polls.

Little and Not So Little Things:
  • Maybe its because its the one thing I read from the reviews, but I did feel the movie dragged here and there. Though having read the "Should DKR be a two parter" thread, I think that problem could have been solved by splitting into two movies and stretching out "No Man's Land."
  • I am the only disappointed that the President wasn't at least a bald guy?
  • I completely missed that Tate was really Talia and wonder how I missed it.
  • I think Blake was too close to Drake, especially with Bane breaking the Bat's back. I spent the first half of the movie wondering if I heard the name right and the second half wondering when Blake would put on a mask. They did it right with Robin, but a less obvious name may been better.
  • Judge Crane. 'Nuff Said.
  • Maybe this was in the comics, but who in there right mind would put a maximum security prison in the middle of an island city?
  • Was Gotham so obviously Manhattan in the first two films?
  • After having the people on the boat not blow up the prisoners in TDK, I was surprised at how quickly they made the people of Gotham turn the city to shit.
  • I'm not sure what burst Nolan's realism to me more: the fusion reactor cum neutron bomb or Bane's army of seemingly competent and loyal mercenaries.
  • The series seems complete to me and flows pretty well with the League of Shadows' attempt to destroy Gotham essentially creating the whole series. (Ra's makes Wayne able to become Batman, Bats defeat Ra's, Joker escalates, Talia and Bane try to complete Ra's plan. The End)---But I still would have liked to see a Nolan Penguin
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