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The U.S.S. Bonito serves as the Squadron flagship, under the experienced Captain Yolix.

The Albacore-Class cutter shares a somewhat similar design to the Oberth-Class surveyor, but with vastly superior capabilities; from the materials used in construction, to weaponry, to warp drive. It is little wonder that the Albacore-Class has been the backbone of the Border Service since it was introduced in the late-23rd century, and that those who have the honour of serving onboard them hold them in high regard.

The Senior Staff are:

Commanding Officer - Captain Yolix Va Edar (Edosian)
A former classmate of Rear Admiral T’Rona’s, it/he has been in the Border Service for over five decades and as such is very experienced and highly decorated. Of the Edosian Va gender (essentially neuter), Yolix has adopted male prefixes for the benefit of non-Edosians.
First Officer - Commander Carlos Delgado (Human)
Though he retired from the Border Service in 2370, when the war started he was recalled to duty. After the war, when the stop/loss order was rescinded, with so many lives lost and Starfleet in need of experienced officers, he opted to remain for a while longer.
Second/Search-and-Rescue Officer - Lt. Commander Joe Watters (Human)
The uncle of former Red Squad cadet Tim Watters, he was hit hard by his nephews death. After losing of someone so young, he has become even more focused on his duties, so as to ensure no other life is needlessly lost.
Chief Medical Officer - Lt. Commander Nahvo Jai (Kamorian)
A thorough and methodical healer, though as with all Kamorian he is incapable of lying. His honest approach gives him a unique perspective on things, which leads many of the crew to seek his advice and guidance.
Chief Operations Officer - Lieutenant Quinn Burke (Human)
An eternal optimist, she always tries to find the good in someone. Even in the bleakest times she tries to boost morale and keep everyone going. Her perky nature has earned her the unofficial designation of ‘Ship’s Cheerleader’.
Chief Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Meera Patel (Human)
She started off her career as in astrophysics, but following a Jem’Hadar ambushed she had to assume Tactical on the Bridge. Discovering a talent she never knew she had, she switched departments. She transferred to the Bonito after the war ended.
Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant Firez (Denobulan)
A workaholic, she operates under the belief that is she doesn’t do something then it’ll never get done. As such her crew need to work very hard to meet even her ‘satisfactory’ standards, and those that she does acknowledge at this level know they have earned it.
Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant JG Melkon (Benzite)
Having come onboard after the Talarian Incursion of 2377, he is still adjusting to life on a cutter. After flying the Defiant-Class U.S.S. Wolverine in the war, he is more than up for the challenges that the Albacore-Class poses.
Chief of the Boat/Security - Master Chief Petty Officer Isaia Simango (Human)
With the spirit of a Klingon and the cunning of a Romulan, there isn’t much that slips past her. Having served on the Bonito under Captain Yolix for her entire career, she knows the ship and it’s CO like few others.
Commander Austin Harris, First Officer, Deep Space Nine (by FltCpt. Bossco)
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