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My main fanfic writing project focuses on the Border Service cutter U.S.S. Silverfin, under the command of Captain Susanna Leijten (from the TNG episode "Idenity Crisis"). The Silverfin is assigned to the Third Cutter Squadron, which patrols the Federation/Talarian Border.

I've decided to start work on the command crews of each ship assigned to the Third Squadron. So what better place to start than those in charge.

These are the men and women responsible for Squadron Command and Operations, based out of Star Station Freedom:

Squadron Commander - Rear Admiral T'Rona (Vulcan)
A fifty-year veteran of the Border Service, she has seen much change over the years, lost ships, and buried many friends. Now commanding her own Squadron, she will use all her guile and wits to ensure that her people are kept safe.
Intelligence Officer - Lt. Commander Stephen Macintosh (Human)
An enigma to most, he likes his privacy. The 'silent type', he much prefers to sit back and watch things going on than get directly involved.
Squadron Maintenance Officer - Lt. Commander Greta Weir (Human)
Efficient and organised, essential traits for the officer responsible for repairing any cutter in dock. She prefers the direct approach, which often makes her appear rude to those that don't know her.
Admiral's Attaché - Lieutenant JG Azaal Kasan (Trill)
Newly in post, after her predecessor was reassigned to the U.S.S. Cam Rahn Bay, she has since proven to be diligent and hard-working. Working closely with Rear Admiral T'Rona, she has already gotten to know her new CO well.
Squadron Quartermaster - Senior Chief Petty Officer Henry "Hank" Mitchell (Human)
With a lop-sided grin, a Texan drawl and kind blue eyes, some may underestimate Hank, but there are few who work as hard as he does. He and Captain Leijten have a past, one which they are slowly reviving after he was transferred to the Third Sqadron.
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