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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

In the end Bane and his crew were just assholes spouting off crap to rationalize their actions. The agenda was to destroy Gotham as a symbol of western decadence and corruption. The fact a lot of innocents would be killed as well is just too bad. It's no different from the 9/11 attacks with the "rationalizations" behind those. Behind it all is just hatred papered over with an excuse.

My issues with this film are mostly quibbles, but I do have a few reservations. Mainly the lack of nuance.

- Gotham is almost crime free after eight years and certainly free of organized crime and corruption. This a big one to swallow.
- Batman/Bruce hangs it up after the events of TDK. This paints him as emotionally weak and defeated after being Batman for only about a year or so. This doesn't ring true with the Batman of the comics or the character shown in the previous films. Batman/Bruce can be hurt, but he's resilient and perseveres. And this is contradicted late in the film when someone says has been fighting for years. So which one is it?
- Practically all the cops go underground and get trapped down there? Another biggee to swallow.
- Bane's and Talia's supposed agenda rings hollow because of Gotham's current peaceful state. It would have had more credibility if the city were more like it was in the previous two films. No one amonsgt the citizenry looked particularly unhappy and ready to stage a revolution.

This story is basically a comic book version of 9/11, but it's told in such broad and simplistic strokes that lack the nuance of reality. Not much grey here. I still quite like the film, but it does stumble.
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