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Re: Batman's greatest lover?

I'm more concerned about the other three.

There's nothing wrong with being gay, but apart form the black list and McCarthy, closeted homosexuals hiding their true nature in the 50s is hilarious, and really... In their thoughts, the women who Flash, the Atom and Jordan loved with their heart of hearts had to be further refernced with both thier christain and surnames?

With that creep Jordan, I suppose you could argue that he's banging 4 girls named Carol at any one time, but the other two? That's a little too formal to talk about someone they're getting jiggy with. I smell beards! Jordan used to sell toys door to door. If that isn't a trojan horse of a job I have never seen one, but he's going from house to house, from street to street looking for women who like to make babies during school hours.

How much action must that job have gotten him?

Most house wives in the 50s drank till midday and then tried to sober up before school let out.

Fish in a barrel.
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