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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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He manges to inspire the citizens of Gotham to, in some order, rise-up against the wealthy who control the city and to seize things.
Yup, that was my reading as well.

No, real, explanation is given as to why Wayne's body is in such poor shape at the beginning of this movie. Sure he took a beating in the months to year he was Batman but in this movie he's told by doctors his body is completely FUBAR and he shouldn't consider doing any daredevil stunts like skydiving. Yet he goes through a lot in this movie and apparently his body is able to handle it and he's able to recover enough from a broken spine inside of six months to take on Bane.
I had forgotten about that. The movie states pretty clearly that Bruce went into hiding immediately after the events of TDK, and yet somehow his body is a complete wreck and he can barely walk??

I don't remember him getting any severe beat-downs in the first two movies, although I suppose it's possible he still snuck out afterwards and did some crimefighting without the batsuit...
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