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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Well it was an excellent movie, but I had a few complaints.

--Bane's voice was really, REALLY bad. He sounded like someone doing a cartoon Sean Connery impersonation. And I only understood him half the time. That was a serious misstep. Really ruined the character. Also, the way the voice is strengthened to be "clear" over the rest of the soundtrack makes it sound like some extremely artificial voice over and not a part of the narrative.

--Shoulda been two movies. Too much going on.

--Batman is barely in this movie, even moreso than Dark Knight.

--Batman gets his spinal injury, but all they have to do is pop a vertebrae back in and that's it? Really?

--In the big battle at the end, why does Bats take out a single tank with the Batwing, then land and join the battle on foot? Why doesn't he use the Batwing's weapons to level the Shadow army? Surely he had non-lethal ordinance installed.

--I'm very disappointed Ra'sh didn't come back for real. I was really hoping he would be revealed to be behind everything.

--Did I mention how silly and bad Bane's voice is?

--Something tells me if Heath Ledger was alive, when the prison broke open they would have set the Joker the free and had an extended sequence with him on the loose causing chaos in No Man's Land.

--What was the point of Bane staging a people's revolution against the rich when he was going to kill them all with a nuclear bomb after five months no matter what?

--I love that the Gotham PD is aware there is a terrorist army living in their sewers but all they ever do is send a few patrols down there, always coming up empty

--"Robin"? Really? Couldn't they have just said his legal name was Dick Grayson?
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