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Re: USS Copernicus, NCC-640 or 623?

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That sounds reasonable, and it reminds me of the issues with there being two apparent Melbournes fighting at W359: the Excelsior model which is quite visibly destroyed in "Emissary" and the already wrecked proto-Nebula model which Greg Jein (IIRC) built for the graveyard in TNG. The best suggestion I've seen regarding the name and registry issues is that the Nebula class Melbourne was a new build intended to replace the older Excelsior class ship, which presumably would have been decommissioned, and it was the Nebula version that was offered to Riker as a command. Then the Borg invaded and both ships were rushed to the battle and were casualties. It's a nice explanation.
It is a nice explanation, but I don't think it really explains why both ships had the exact same registry number, or why an old Excelsior class ship has a number so high. New ships with the same name as an older ship either have a completely different registry number, or in the single case of the Enterprise, have a letter suffix.

It would have made more sense for the Excelsior to have a reg of 6204 or 2043.
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