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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished Starfleet Academy: The Assassination Game tonight. Really enjoyed it. Best of those YA books, hands down. I hope Mr. Gratz gets to write some more of them or he gets brought up to the "Big Leagues" of Trek books. I think I'll talk about the book some more over in its dedicated thread.

I also finished Star Trek: Volume 2. The adaptation was pretty good, but as has been my complaint since the IDW series started, I think 2-issue adaptations make the stories rushed and quite a bit happens "off-screen" which can be odd. The "Operation: Annihilate!" art was good, but many of the characters never opened their mouths, which is disorienting with a speech bubble pointing right at their mouths. The "Vulcan's Vengeance" story was all right. Rushed, a lot of bits that didn't go anywhere, a lot of convenient turns. And the art was very loose. Sometimes you had spot on characters, then you have a panel where Kirk's eyes are crossed and his mouth is contorted as if he were having a stroke. As well, Security chief Zhara completely changes over the course of three issues. In the first half of "O:A!" she's got dark, closely cropped hair. In the second issue she calls in an alert from the transporter room but Janice Rand is drawn into the scene instead of her. And then "VV" she's got brown hair and the Rand-Beehive." It's weird, especially since Uhura doesn't do much over the two stories, that they couldn't be consistent with the only other talking female in the book.

Allyn, thanks for the advice on Batman: Earth One. I haven't started it, but hope to get to it tonight. Much of what I've heard is that it at times feels very in-reference-y or that Johns throws a wink to readers familiar with the character and they don't always land well. We'll see, though! I didn't really care for JMS's Superman: Earth One so I'm being a little more trepidatious with this one.

As for reading, I think I'm going to go back and read Starfleet Academy: The Gemini Agent.I skipped over it when it came out and feel like I should just read now. This way I've technically read everything to come out of the NuTOS universe.
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