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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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True, I've heard many attempts to explain the mountain of problems with Prometheus, but no one has come close to doing it,
And no one can explain Bane's plan in the opening movie as anything other than a spectacularly absurd and mind-boggingly stupid idea that succeeds mostly through a colossal amount of dumb luck which he is gifted free of charge by the screenwriters (and I considered that your explanation acknowledges the problem with the scene rather than justifies it).

And understand I'm using this scene as an example. I could talk about the general stupidity of Bane's plans regarding Batman or Batman's inexplicable and completely unearned decision to trust Catwoman a second time etc. (and I'm not even touching the prison hole, which could be given a couple of paragraphs), but it's easier to needle in just one logical problem the film has.

I can roll with these flaws (and did) because Comic Book Movie, but that doesn't mean they're not there.
There's no emotion, or heart, or anything to get behind in that film. Just dumb people dying. Michael Caine did with a few lines what the entire cast of Prometheus couldn't do in two hours--make me give a damn about something.
While I found what made a number of the characters in Prometheus tick was an interesting question that it probed pretty well, was gifted with some strong performances mixed with a genuine sense of dread and a sweeping space opera scole, and also of course local-boy-done-good Michael Fassbender in particular knocking it out of the park. There was simply a lot to like about Prometheus, in spite of plotting issues or the fact the main mysteries are apparently punted off to sequels that may or may not ever happen.

And while I did like Michael Caine's performance here and have thought the Bruce/Alfred stuff the emotional heart of the film trilogy, I had pretty dry eyes throughout.

If you want to hate Prometheus and love Dark Knight Rises, fine, excellent arguments have been presented to do either. But if you want to insist they cannot be compared in the belief Dark Knight Rises doesn't have majorly dodgy plotting, well, that doesn't follow.
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