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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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so what you mean is a convincing defence of them.
True, I've heard many attempts to explain the mountain of problems with Prometheus, but no one has come close to doing it, and the movie just doesn't have enough to overcome any of it.

There's no emotion, or heart, or anything to get behind in that film. Just dumb people dying. Michael Caine did with a few lines what the entire cast of Prometheus couldn't do in two hours--make me give a damn about something.

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For example, Bane's plot at the start of the movie - it seems so monumentally stupid to so obviously risk his life like that.
It does, as it's the type of plan where everything has to go perfectly. But, it is executed extremely well, and certainly sets the tone for the type of villain we're going to get.

Bane's plan may have been risky and nutty, but I can understand the motivation behind it. Could they have come up with a simpler, less dangerous plan to grab the scientist? Probably.

TDKR has bits that might not make sense, but Prometheus has two solid hours of it. There are more than enough scenes in TDKR to make up for some stumbles here and there, but Prometheus never delivers anything to redeem itself.
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