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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Its the end of the world lets do whatever we want. Its not far fetched at all. Without the constrants of civilization some people resort to primal behavior. This has happened through human history.
Well it's not exactly news that there will be a group of rioters and looters during any catastrophe. But the movie makes it look like the entire freakin city just goes "Hey, this guy has a point! Let's all rise up and attack the rich and tear the place apart!!"

Which I just didn't buy for a second.

Okay, I didn't get that impression. I assumed most of the looting was done by the 1,000-plus angry criminals Bane released from Blackgate, plus Bane's army of mercenaries, plus various other members of Gotham's surviving criminal class, who were doing what came naturally now the GCPD had been buried alive. I didn't see any middle-class Gotham shopowners joining in the looting. (Note that the judge at Bane's kangaroo court was noted psychopath Jonathan Crane, not some ordinary Gotham lawyer or legal assistant.)

Indeed, the movie made a point of showing Bane liberating and arming the felons at Blackgate, but conspicuously failed to include any scenes of regular Gothamites joining Bane's "revolution."

I imagine most ordinary Gothamites were doing what Foley was doing, huddling fearfully in their homes and trying to ride out the storm . . . .
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