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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Atavachron, the sophisticated time portal and computer system of the late planet Sarpeidon.
B is for Bussard Collectors
C is for Captain's Yacht, a private, warp-capable pleasure and luxury craft attached to some Federation starships in the late 24th century.
D is for Dunsel.
E is for Energy Shielding, commonplace on what seems like most of the known galaxy's larger spaceships.
F is for Food Replicators
G is for Graviton emitters
H is for Hypospray
I is for Inaprovaline, an advanced medication in use during the 23rd and 24th centuries.
J is for Jefferies Tube, they're not your grandfather's access tunnel.
K is for Kinetic Transfer System
L is for Laser Pistols, used in the Prime timeline as the chief sidearm of Starfleet officers around the mid-23rd century.
M is for micro photon torpedo.
N is for Nanites
O is for Optronic Relays.
P is for PADDs
Q is for Quantum Discriminators.
R is for Runabouts
S is for Sonic Shower
T is for Transphasic torpedoes
U is for Universal translator
V is for Verteron Array.
W is for Warbird. As in Romulan. One of the largest and most powerful combat vessels in the entire quadrant.
X is for X-ray lasers. Used by the more primitive species.
Y is for Yominium Sulfide, a compound likely used in the technology employed by some powers in the Alpha Quadrant.
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