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I have gotten rather fond of the show. I found it unimpressive at first, and quit watching for a while, but then I gave it a second chance and came to appreciate it a lot more as the underlying mythology started to unfold. I don't think the actors are anywhere near the most gifted performers around, but they've grown on me for the most part.

What disappoints me about the second season, though, is that it seems to have toned down the sexy stuff since the first season. There's still some of that occasionally, like a pretty skin-laden sex scene in last night's episode (in the US), but it's less common than it was before (and Syfy is no longer showing a "viewer discretion" warning before every act, and I'm not sure if that's because of a change in content or a change in network policy). It seems to have become less the erotic fantasy adventure series it was originally and become just a fantasy adventure series with occasional eroticism. And that seems... timid.
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