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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

21) Moonrise Kingdom - (2012) - A
22) Fantastic Mr. Fox - (2009) - B+
23) The Dark Knight Rises - (2012) - B+

I'm going to try to not give spoilers, but if something slips, I apologize.

I went in to TDKR probably with a bit too high expectations, because while it was a good movie, there were parts of it that were a bit frustrating. Maybe it was the lack of power from Heath Ledgers Joker, or some lack of focus that made the first Nolan Batman film a lot tighter, I don't know, but I felt this one kind of went all over the place. The cast did very well and there was a great story here, but maybe with some editing, it could have been a lot better. I will say I really liked Hathaway as Catwoman, even though I kept thinking "she's no Michelle Pfeiffer" and Joseph Gordon Levitt continues to impress me with all the movies he is in. Right now in terms of probably favorite male/female young actors getting in their prime, I would rank Emma Stone and Gordon Levitt at the top.

Theater: 9 (+1)
BluRay: 6
On Demand/TV: 2
Itunes: 6
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