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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I just got back from DKR rising not five minutes ago. I'm still trying to organize my thoughts but I'll try to sum it up with: The Dark Knight Sucking would have been a better title for it.

What an unfocused, bloated mess. It was like Christopher Nolan had two ideas for Batman sequels and decided to mash them together ala Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3.

The first sequel was about the public ruination of Batman's image and the economic and social decline of Bruce Wayne.

The second sequel was Knightfall in No Man's Land. The second sequel was much more satisfying.

I hate to say it but all the problems I had with The Dark Knight have returned in Rises but tenfold. Much of the first hour was like the Lau abduction in TDK. Deleted scene material that should have never made it out of writing much less into multiplexes.

Just as badly Chris Nolan has lost all sense of subtlety. I had perfectly dry eyes at the end of the movie because Nolan gave it all away in the first hour. Alfred's little speech about Fernet Branca gave away the end of the movie. So did Catwoman's wanting to erase her identity. I know where I'd find them at the end of the movie and that made me sad.

I think both Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were wasted. Caine left too early and Freeman had nothing to do. Damn shame.

I'm not even going to mention the naivety of the Dent Act or the stupidity of every cop in Gotham being underground for three months. Moronic plotting, those. Besides others have gone over what's so stupid about those plot points much better than I ever could, so why bother?

Of course I'm not down on everything. Anne Hathaway as Catwoman just blew me away. Every fear I had about her performance went unrealized and I have to say that she is now my all time favorite version of Selina Kyle EVER to grace the screen. Sexy, sweet and deadly. That's my Selina, MEE-OW!

Joseph Gordon Levitt was a youthful breath of fresh air in otherwise stale proceedings. The fact is I preferred Levitt to Christian Bale. He had the energy to keep the movie going during the slow scenes and goddammit he did!

I thought the end montage was terrific and Hans Zimmer treated us to an emotional smorgasbord of a score!

At the end of the day I'd have to say that The Dark Knight Rises has a lot of really good scenes but a piss poor structure holding it together. The whole is much, much less than the sum of it's parts. Unfortunately it is the Spider-Man 3 of Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy.

My final score: 5/10. Sorry, Chris.
You bring up alot of good points, but it just doesn't bring it down for me like it did you.
I loved the story, i loved the finale.
I loved all the little character arcs we got, and how this felt like the most "comic booky" of the three films.
Not as good as TDK, but definitely a good solid film. In no way is this the Spiderman 3 of the batman films. Not even close.
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