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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I'd heard about the Talia rumour and I was vaguely sure Marion Cotillard was going to maybe be Talia and until Bane was 'revealed' as al Ghul's son, so I just rolled with that.

In retrospect another early clue about her identity is a scar on her back that Bruce Wayne sees early on.

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Michelle Pfieffer was never my ideal Catwoman, so I don't find her hard to top.
I didn't realize so many people liked Pfieffer's Catwoman so much.
It seems to be just me in this thread. Pfieffer's Catwoman, like Batman Returns generally, is something I often feel largely alone on the TrekBBS in liking (and liking far better than the Burton's first movie).

My point was though that Anne Hathaway was so underutilized in this film that my comparison to Michelle Pfieffer - which I was gonna make anyway - didn't feel fair.
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