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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

posted by AgentRichard07
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I just didn't catch the part about him escaping with the plane-thing on autopilot.
I was wondering about that too. How and when did he escape? On the second viewing though, I just accepted that he ejected and got away before the Bat got too far out to sea.
As Batman is grappling the bomb to the Bat, someone (can't remember who - Selina maybe?) says something along the lines of, "So you'll fly out and then eject?" and he replies, "No autopilot", but after everything calms down, Lucius discovers that was a lie when he asks the technicians working on the Bat to let him know how he could have repaired the autopilot and they say it was repaired with patch and identify Bruce as the person who installed it. So he flew out, ejected, left the Bat on autopilot to fly the bomb further out where it went kablooie.

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I was actually shocked that Miranda was working with Bane.
I've heard more than one person say this.

I'm actually amazed some people remained unspoiled on this point. I actually didn't read the hidden spoiler portions of the relevant posts, but I could tell what had happened just from the flavor of people's reactions.

I thought that this was kind of an "open secret" about the film, but then again I probably don't do enough to avoid spoilers.
I knew Miranda was Talia - it was a big time fan rumor and then she majorly telegraphs it in her first appearance onscreen when she says, "If someone wishes to restore balance to the world..." a line straight from Ra's mouth in BB. However, the reveal still caught me out because I was buying the red herring that Bane was also Ra's child. I figured they were brother and sister, but probably didn't know each other and that Bane was operating a kind of rogue League, while Talia was there as leader of the group her father had led. I didn't know what her game was except that she was sure to exact revenge on Bruce. So discovering that Bane was a front for her was quite a surprise.
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