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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

The computer scientist in Rollerball deals with computers the same way I do and got about the same results.

Jonathan E wasn't just handed his fate, he errrrrnrd it.

I realized I never watched this movie all the way through, and man, does it ever drag out by the end! It's too bad it's straddled with the 70s roller derby fad following Kansas City Bomber and Unholy Rollers. James Caan is no Raquel Welch or Claudia Jennings and it's always been a bit cheesy.

EDIT: I had forgotten to mention the scene with the decadent rich blowing up trees, I've always found that scene memorable and a bit haunting.

Near Dark still holds up well and that bar scene is still pretty memorable. Barely recognized Adrian Pasdar in the lead, he didn't even sound the same.

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