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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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I do think Nolan probably made Bane a little TOO tough and unstoppable though. Despite his size, we should still have seen Batman doing more damage than he did, with the armor he was wearing and the powerful punches he was throwing.

The movie basically made it look like he was fighting Hulk or Superman or something, which seems a bit far-fetched.
This is actually how Bane is supposed to be... he basically is a hulk. As has been pointed out, in the comics he paralyzed Bruce Wayne, and in the animated series, Bane was so strong that even Superman was in awe that Batman had survived encounters with him, and it actually took the power of Superman to deal Bane a blow and put him in his place.

So hearing that he's so strong in this film makes me feel a LOT better about the depiction of him, since I didn't think Tom Hardy was that great a choice to play him, from a purely physical standpoint.
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