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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Just got back from watching the movie again. This time I was migrane free and saw it in IMAX. It was nice to have the theatre rumble as the BAT took off. I've had my fill for now and I eagerly await the trilogy on Blu-Ray. I still didn't catch how Blake got instructions to find the batcave though, because the ending was so rushed. I'm also undecided as to whether or not he'll take up being the new Batman or if he'll make his own identity. It could go either way. And how will he keep the batcave running without Wayne's resources? Or did I miss something there too?

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That first fight between Batman and Bane
I know the outcome had to be what it was for the plot, but how does Batman lose to Bane? In "Knightfall" Batman was physically and mentally exhausted when they fought, and Bane was much bigger.
Don't forget, Bruce was crippled. He had that leg brace, but I'm guessing that that could only go so far. I think his subduing Bane at the end was due in part to sheer determination.

And about Bane... The reasoning behind his mask is a bit contrived, but I'll accept it. Gotta have some sort of gimmick for your supervillain.

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Quinn from Dexter was in it too! He was the cop who blew out the bridge.
So that's who that was. I couldn't place him, and I watch Dexter.

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Sure, there were some groaners in the plot development - Bane's opening capture of Pavel is eyebrow-raisingly silly, even by the loose standards of Nolan's Batman films...
I thought that the whole intro with Bane was epic. And didn't that physicist look like Timothy Dalton?

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Oh, yeah, and Michelle Pfieffer is my standard by which I judge Catwomen. Anne Hathaway was no Michelle Pfieffer, but then she didn't seem to have half as much material as Catwoman did in Batman Returns. She's almost Rachel Dawes only a jewel thief instead of whatever Rachel Dawes was again.
Michelle Pfieffer was never my ideal Catwoman, so I don't find her hard to top.

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Lastly - did anyone else notice that Alfred's line from the trailers - "I promised your mum and father I'd take care of you, and I've failed." (I'm paraphrasing) was absent in the film?
That was his dialogue at the funeral at the end.
I know what line he's talking about and I didn't notice it either. It was't the line from the funeral.

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I just didn't catch the part about him escaping with the plane-thing on autopilot.
I was wondering about that too. How and when did he escape? On the second viewing though, I just accepted that he ejected and got away before the Bat got too far out to sea.
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