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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

I just saw Rollerball, a film I've never seen before. Not bad, kind of an interesting corporate-dystopia story in a '70s kind of way, and with some decent moments of satire and humor. But there was some heavy-handed exposition here and there, and the sequence with the central computer was about as silly as other such sequences in '70s dystopian movies (although at least this computer didn't blow up and cause the whole society to collapse the moment it was faced with a paradox; it just sat there and bubbled). And the problem with dystopian movies is that sometimes there aren't really any likeable or admirable characters. Hard to cheer for Jonathan's half-hearted defiance of the system when he has no problem participating in the murderous bloodsport the system created, or to care about the fate of John Beck's character when he was such a casual racist.

Perhaps the most dead-on bit of futurism in the movie was anticipating the technology to have the same program showing on TVs in every room of your home. I see commercials these days that look a lot like that scene.
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