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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

The Avengers is not dumbed down in any way, and neither is Abrams' Star Trek. Well, okay, the science is pretty dumb in both cases, but the character writing certainly isn't, and that's infinitely more important. Some viewers just mistake style for substance. Insisting that anything in a popular style is automatically stupid and unworthy is just elitist rubbish. Hell, the original Star Trek tacked on a fistfight in every episode to conform to network expectations for action-adventure shows, and put the women in miniskirts and constantly tore Kirk's shirt off to throw in the requisite levels of sex appeal, but that doesn't mean the stories had no intelligence or the characters no depth. So it's an incompetent criticism. A single work can combine lowbrow and intelligent aspects, so the presence of the former does not prove the absence of the latter.
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