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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Yes, comic books are possibly the best example of the perpetual reinvention of characters under the same name. They are also a very convincing argument against the practice, because it leads to low quality work.

Using other (Disney instead of Universal) properties as tropes/reinvented characters is what Once Upon a Time does. I think it works better for OUAT because they invented a new setting/premise/unifying backstory, instead of using a previous property. They could have had Enchanted: The Series, and all the other Disney properties crawl out of the manhole for their episodes.

Fuller is talented, but the Munsters are not really a suitable setting for his demonstrated preferred themes of life and death; unrequitable love; destiny as character. But his shows are mostly failures, so he does what work he can, and will likely do it to the best of his ability. But I really doubt it is what he would do if he had the power and I think it's vaguely insulting to him to imply this.
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