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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Still, the idea that Nolan's Batman has a beginning, middle and end and the guy didn't Batman for decades without greying his hair is something I'm pretty comfortable with.
Yeah the idea of him having a limited career I'm okay with, and makes total sense for a real world Batman. But no matter how the movie tries to rationalize it, the idea of him going into hiding for 8 years, or retiring after one "final battle" (against Bane, really?) just rubs me the wrong way.

As long as there are people being preyed upon by criminal scum, and men abusing innocent women and children somewhere in the city, Batman should be driven to be out there DOING something about it. He shouldn't just be like "eh, the police can handle that small stuff; I'm just going to sulk in my mansion for awhile, or worry only about the crazy supervillains when they emerge... and afterwards I'll hang it all up and go sip martinis in Italy with my new girlfriend."

Say huh?? To me that is even more egregious and out of character than how Hal Jordan was portrayed in GL, or Superman in SR. And I don't know so many other Batman fans seem to be okay with it.
I agree absolutely.

Bruce will always fight. He'll continue fighting either like in DKR, die and pass on the legacy like in Batman 666 or mentor the next Batman. But he'll never quit. To him it's his life.
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