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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Greetings, Admirals;

I'm still way behind you guys, both in reading the books and your comments, but had two questions I wanted to pop out while they were on my mind.

Read #8 last night, and my question involves Clark and whether the General knows his identity. When Clark asks Lois about this (over his Bluetooth) she says how could Lane know this to which Clark responds 'He said something once' and the panel depicts when Clark and the General met in Season 10. Can either of you jog my memory and tell me what Lane said or asked Clark? We haven't picked up S10 on DVD yet, so I can't just pop it into the player to find out.

My second question is more speculative, but do you think when they finally bring Bruce into the picture that Miller will have Chloe acknowledge meeting him while she was away in S10? I know she didn't mention him by name when she was telling Clark about him, but the reference to a 'billionaire with amazing toys' or something like that clearly sounded like she was talking about BW to me.

So #11 is out finally? Is this the conclusion of the Guardian storyline or does that continue into #12? And just when does Batman appear?

Keep up the good work gents, I do enjoy reading your commentary.

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