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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Some questions occur to me after this week's Green Hornet serial chapters...

How many times have they used that same sound clip of the Hornet saying, "It's no use, you haven't a chance!" while fighting the bad guys? Was that some sort of catchphrase for the character on the radio or something?

How is it that when the Black Beauty (finally named in dialogue in Ch. 9) drives into the garage, it's facing the back wall, yet when they come back down to the garage, it's suddenly facing the doors? There's no room in there for a turntable.

Why does the Black Beauty have license plates? Can't the cops use the license number to track down the car's ownership?

And this is something like the third time the crooks have used "the old Martinson place" as a base of operations, or in this case, a trap. Cheaper than building new sets, I guess.
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