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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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Ducard, not Duncan.
Point. It's clearly been too long since I've actually seen Batman Begins (last time was... 2007 or 2006, I think).

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My biggest issue with this film is that it sets in concrete the concept that Nolan's Bruce Wayne spent somewhere between six months and a year as Batman. That's it.
That only matters from a comic book perspective where you have to publish ongoing stories every month. These aren't comic books.
To be honest one of the reasons I can never get my head around the idea of American superheroes is that they exist in a fluid, Bond movie like continuity where the same person can do the same job for decades and never age out of it and yet simultaneously continuity is really important to the point of publishers issuing comics that rotate around major continuity course corrections.

Obviously this is an impression I have picked up almost entirely from staying on the internet far too long as opposed to reading said comics, so I'm sure there's some major salient issues I simply don't grasp and so on.

Still, the idea that Nolan's Batman has a beginning, middle and end and the guy didn't Batman for decades without greying his hair is something I'm pretty comfortable with.
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