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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

In contrast, in the fall of 2001, the Superman titles were involved in "Our Worlds at War," which caused significant damage to Kansas, Washington, and Metropolis, as well as other places around the world. Adventures of Superman #596, which hit newsstands on September 12, 2001, dealt with the fall-out of the war and the destruction it had caused.

In an opening scene, LexCorp Towers is shown badly damaged. Many saw LexCorp Towers as oddly similar to the World Trade Center. DC offered shops the ability to return the issue, though as the link above explained, few copies were returned. In an October issue of JSA, Solomon Grundy punches the head of the Statue of Liberty and sends it flying into NYC. I don't remember anyone complaining that it was "too soon" after the destruction of other landmarks. Ultimately, comics serve as escapism and I think people want to read about fictional things and how heroes overcome the villains.

I'm sure we'll get a page about the tragedy. Maybe even a few quotes from creators and publishers. But, by the time the issue hits in October, sadly this won't be as prevalent and the world will go on. At the most, some groups might complain about the level of violence in comics, but, that too will fade away.

Ultimately, you have a large number of people, including those in the theater Thursday night/Friday morning who find inspiration in the heroics of Batman versus a significantly smaller number of people who find inspiration in the villains. I don't think DC should cater to those afraid of the second group.
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