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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Quinn from Dexter was in it too! He was the cop who blew out the bridge.

Which come to think of it sounds a lot like the kind of sensible call Quinn would make...

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Dude, it's spelled "Ra's", but it's pronounced "Resh." In the Nolan movies they pronounce it "Roz" as if the name were English, which it is NOT. This is not a hard concept to figure out.
But it's Liam Neeson. So in this vaguely defined probably-central-Asia backstory of this film an Irish actor plays a mercenary whose daughter is French and whose protector is English.

Honestly I always assumed that Duncan was Ra's al Ghul's real name, and the latter (which even in Arabic is a little ridiculous, it'd be like a German with the surname Totenkopf) was just a nom de guerre.

So he doesn't get his Arabic right, nobody said Duncan was a language scholar.

Anyway it was a good film. I've liked the past two Batman films, and I largely liked this. Sure, there were some groaners in the plot development - Bane's opening capture of Pavel is eyebrow-raisingly silly, even by the loose standards of Nolan's Batman films - but the movie juggles its various plot points pretty well and goes through the rigours of punishing the characters and concluding the third act of the Batman franchise in a pretty invigorating fashion.

And I thought Bruce Wayne did survive the movie. The point the film kept driving home was tht Gotham was only something that consumed Bruce Wayne: It kept taking and taking from him, requiring every sacrifice and there was no joy in it. If he was ever to be happy, truly happy, Batman needed to retire and Bruce needed to leave the city for good. And I think that's where we left him.

Retiring is both an unexpected turn for the character but one that the film laid the emotional groundwork for pretty well, I thought. Gotham doesn't have Batman to kick around anymore... they'll have do with this Robin character.

Oh, yeah, and Michelle Pfieffer is my standard by which I judge Catwomen. Anne Hathaway was no Michelle Pfieffer, but then she didn't seem to have half as much material as Catwoman did in Batman Returns. She's almost Rachel Dawes only a jewel thief instead of whatever Rachel Dawes was again.
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