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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

On the subject of Alien Nation: Isn't Tim Minear now one of the executive producers or something of American Horror Story? I kind of assumed his role in that show is confirmation that the idea never got anywhere.

As for the Munsters, so a brand name value is assumed. Associating other brand names to this brand name is not a terrible marketing idea and Universal has been throwing together it's Draculas and Frankensteins and whatnot since what, Abbott and Costello?

What Bryan Fuller is able to do with the material is in the end all that matters. You can make your own, personal idea of a TV show and it can turn out pretty terribly, you can work on an established commercial property and do a good job of it (and any future Star Trek series will, at best, be the latter).

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Star Trek will have to adapt itself to the channels available, not the reverse. do you really think any channel would change its strategy just for one show?
And as Christopher pointed out NBC is pretty plausible.
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