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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Hmmm... oddly underwhelming. It was good, but not great. It was the least of the trilogy. Three stars for me.

On to specifics:

-Nolan clearly abandons even the faux-realism of the previous two here. This movie was way over the top in terms of its plot. Clearly into comic book territory here, rather than the almost "crime drama" feel of TDK.

-That first fight between Batman and Bane
I know the outcome had to be what it was for the plot, but how does Batman lose to Bane? In "Knightfall" Batman was physically and mentally exhausted when they fought, and Bane was much bigger.

Here, a much fresher Batman loses to basically a... really strong guy in a mask. Why would Bane have better fighting skills than Batman if they received comparable training? Also, why does Batman turn into an idiot during the fight? He has a UTILITY BELT. When he first realizes that he's overmatched, he should pull out his batarangs, concussion grenades, shurikens, whatever he's got. Instead, he weakly pulls out some flashy things at the very end that just fizzle and make bright lights.

And yet later, after being "broken" and in a prison for a while, THEN he comes back to fight Bane more effectively. Sure.

-for a Batman movie, there's not a lot of Batman in it.

-Anne Hathaway was great, Michael Caine was terrific, as was Gary Oldman. I like that Gordon got let in on the secret finally.

-Bane was very menacing and effective. I still missed about 20-25% of his dialogue, though.

-For all the rumors about the political undertones, Bane turns out to be a nihilistic terrorist thug. What if they'd skipped the bomb plot and made his "revolution thing" genuine instead of a lie to make Gothamites dance for his amusement?

-ok, that end scene. Is that supposed to be Alfred's fantasy, or did Bruce really escape? And if so, how?
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