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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

i saw it last night, i loved it. I dont know though if it helped that i had watched batman begins wednesday night and TDK thursday night, but as a finale, TDKR was a terrific finale to this particular batman story.
I loved it as a batman comic fan, and all the callouts it had from Knightfall, No Mans Land and The Dark Knight Returns.
Alot of you seemed to miss the point, that Bruce was not on his A game when he put the cowl back on. Which is why bane beat him so easily. It was the entire point of the scene between Alfred and Bruce earlier in the film. Alfred knew that was going to happen, because bruce went in over his head, trying to get back into the game before he was ready.
i couldn't believe they actually showed Bane break batman's back, right out of Batman #497.
I will say my only negative point to this entire trilogy, was that Bruce really didn't have much of a career as Batman.
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