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Re: 1:350 Scale Enterprise

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See bought you the 1701/1701A Refit - you have a sweet wife. I believe there is a more accurate "Rec Deck" available from aftermarket casters. You might want to check Hobbytalk for possible vendors. There is a ton of usefull information on builds there too.

As for me, I have 1 approx. 50% complete and one still in the box unopened. I hope to someday get back to my build. I had to move from NY to OH about 2 years ago now, and I've just not gotten back to working on models. It's (shamefully) sitting in my new workshop, dust covered and still in various pieces...

Good luck, it's a wonderful kit.

Get to work!!!

Ps- why in the hell would you move to Ohio?

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Probert did some prelim. sketches of TMP Rec Deck so as to fit the saucer contours, as you have done. The idea didn't end up being used, we got the Rec Deck in TMP as we did.

You can Google the pix of Probert's Rec Deck sketches, maybe give you some ideas for your project.
Oh ya! I completely forgot!! *stupid- stupid- stupid!!!*

My point was to make something similar to that, so I'm glad we were on the same wave-length. Damn. Do I make those giant windows or leave it as the movie had them??? And do I put the balcony across them, or not? Arg- I was going to start today too...

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Paragrafix sells a photoetch set of enhancements and add-ons, including a rec deck interior.

It's also got the airlock hatch that Spock left through to go on his flight through V'ger (and Kirk subsequently exited through to catch him) as well as shrouds for lighting the impulse engines, details for the shuttle bay and lots of little people.
Thanks. I've seen this. There are some photoetch bits I really would like for this kit. The thing I didn't like about this Rec kit is that it tries to mimic the movie through forced perspective. My point is to make the rec dec fit appropriately to those contours.

I know it won't be as the movie is, and I wish it were really, but I think making it be as it should have been is a fair compromise.

There are some things I would love to do, like put those big windows on the top of the saucer, but things like that are too far removed from the movie in a sense. If I ever were to get a second kit, I think I would do that and give the ship a different name.

Anyway- on to construction shortly. I have a lot of work to do. I will be also making the bridge set through a combination of styrene and clay. I'll then vacu-form that with a small vacu-former. But regardless, Im starting with the rec-dec. So exciting!
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