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Re: Marion Cotillard: Babe of the week #30 (July 2012)

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I've only ever seen her in Inception but she was great in it. And, let's face it, she is visually appealing. (Is that safe enough to say? )
I'd say her beauty made everything about her a little more sinister, and contributed in a very positive way to the atmosphere of the entire film. Or should I have said negative? It definitely added to her part either way.

I admit beauty is an element that gets more and more overused in fiction these days, making the people on screen appear unrealistic, and is generally a cheap way to sell an emotion to your audience (Avatar, I'm looking at you), but in Mal's case, I think it was certainly worth it, and I see nothing wrong if we acknowledged that. I'm going to pick a Bat'leth fight with anyone who disagrees with me on that.

I'm a little concerned about the socialist face thing though. Does this mean that Nolan is a liberal? Does this mean I am a liberal? I'm afraid now.
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