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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Christopher wrote: View Post
^It's not weird at all. It's what creators have done for thousands of years.
I didn't say it was unusual. I said it was weird.

Harvey wrote: View Post
Pushing Daisies was cancelled after two short seasons. In other words, it failed. Bryan Fuller might want to do something totally original again, but he doesn't control the money -- the Hollywood studios, and the advertisers, do -- and they've always been risk-adverse. Better to back a pre-sold property that will have a built-in audience then to back something harder to market.
Yeah, that's exactly it.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Why assume some crass commerical motive?
Because it's a business. The money is controlled by people with crass commercial motives.

How do we know that Bryan Fuller isn't simply a fan having fun with characters he adores?
Because they're not the characters he adores. They're new characters with the names of characters he adores.
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