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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

I had been thinking at one time about how Bryan Singer's Federation pitch could be salvaged, since there were a great many problems with it. One of the things I thought of is that instead of having it take place in the year 3000, it be set in the 26th century on the Enterprise-J. And that the Federation has now found a way into another galaxy (not Andromeda or Pegasus). The villains for the series would then come from there.
However, that isn't really what I'd like in a new series. What I'd like is a Pike series set after the events of ST '09. There would only be about four main characters, all the rest would be recurring and so it would be easier to replace some of them every now and then. The problem is that I have now idea what the series would be about.
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