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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

109. Horrible Bosses (B+)

Horrible Bosses: Funny and well-acted (especially the bosses: Jennifer Aniston reminds us she can act; Colin Farrell plays completely against type; Spacey essentially reprising his superb turn from Swimming with Sharks), this comedy doesn't break any barriers, but is consistently entertaining. The leads do their job but aren't as memorable, except for Charlie Day, who proves he has absolutely no range as an actor, which doesn't stop him from stealing scene after scene. The characters behave like utter morons in a way that keeps the plot moving, but unlike most other movies, the point is that they actually are utter morons.

Apparently a sequel is in the works; although the ending is open rather than closed, I can't see a follow-up doing anything that isn't a complete repetition of this film's premise. Assuming the three leads remain the same, casting some horrible bosses as good as the group here might make it worth seeing, but they'll be difficult to top.

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