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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I realize I'm in the minority here, but ugh. I really wanted to like this, but compared to the first two efficient, tightly-constructed movies, this one just seemed like a jumbled, unfocused mess. The story jumped around like crazy and didn't flow well at all.

It started strong enough, but it just grew more ridiculous as it went along. You've got the fusion reactor-turned-nuclear bomb, which is as cheesy and cliched as it gets. You've got the people of Gotham, out of the blue, rioting and beating up on the rich, which I didn't buy for a second. There's the entire freakin police force marching into the sewers just so they can get trapped there. There's the goofy kangaroo court presided over by Scarecrow, which comes out of nowhere and felt like it was from a completely different style of movie.

Then there's the "twists" involving Blake and Tate which you could see coming a mile away. There's the entire, tedious prison sequence that goes on forever (really, you make a big jump and you just get to walk free?). And the final act was almost impossible to follow, it jumped around so much.

Oh and then there's the invincible, unstoppable Bane... who can be crippled by pulling a few hoses out of his mask (which of course Bruce only thinks to try at the very END).

And the whole idea of Bruce sulking and going into hiding for 8 years because of Rachel's death, or because crime was magically wiped out because Harvey Dent was such an "inspiring example", is just absurd as hell and makes just as little sense as it did in TDK. And then he retires at the end again, I guess (Sure, that totally sounds like the Batman of the comics).

There were certainly some cool moments here and there, and I loved pretty much EVERY scene involving Hathaway's Catwoman. But the story as a whole was just silly and idiotic beyond belief. I almost have a hard time believing it came from the same guy who did Inception and TDK, in fact.

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