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Re: Marion Cotillard: Babe of the week #30 (July 2012)

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Kind of reminds me or Audrey Tautou. Anyway, she's classy and attractive. I don't remember her from Inception, but she really caught my eye when I saw her in Contagion earlier this year.
I was thinking about Tautou the other day... and how its interesting that Marion Cotillard has sort of broken into Hollywood films but Tautou hasn't. Maybe it's Tautou choice, but a part of me wonders if its about accent, whether she can make her accent "clear" enough for American audiences.

Personally I hope it's choice. I think Tautou is a very good actor and I would hate something as silly as accent get in her way here.
I didn't have any trouble understanding her in The da Vinci Code. All the convoluted nonsense dialogue was purely the result of what was in the book.
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