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(Idea) Interprise goes Andromeda!

Ok, the story is still about USS Enterprise and their crew. The different is that the size of the Star Ship and the galaxy. Now, our heroes will explore a really-really unknown, a place where no men has gone before. A virgin territory that even considered by Vulcan, Borg, and Dominion as... outside / untouched worlds.

So, because it is in Andromeda, they won't find Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Borg, etc anymore. Well, beside the crews of course. In here, our heroes will find a really-really new species. But no one know what they are. Maybe... a horny octopus with 8 tentacles that aim Fishermen's wife? or... ok, ok, let our heroes find them themselves.

The story is about our main hero. Admiral Roberto Picard. Well, he is the descendant of captain Jeanluc Picard. Buuuut, not a legitimated one. The reason why his grand father born was... well, it was a secret actually. the old Picard went to a sperm bank and donor his future, and a single white female came and took it, had a cute baby that later became this admiral great great Grandpa born.

Because Andromeda is far, Federation needs bigger Starship, with better utility, more advanced, self sufficient Starship. Thus, the first Andromeda... ehem ehmm... Enterprise G Class born.

This is not a mere Exploration Starship. We can call this G as a moveable Starbase. Because Enterprise is actually bigger than the old DS9 that has been scraped several years ago.

With it's small shipyard deck, Enterprise can repair another Starships. it can even build a small starship like the old Roundabout or Defiant class easily. But... because it is big and bulky, don't bring it to the battlefield, or you will sorry because of that.

Well, actually it is not an Enterprise, but... because of admiral's fetish and ego, it is called Enterprise G (F was a failure actually, because lead by an idiot, so Starfleet Directors planned to not named their ships with Enterprise anymore).

So now, our admiral lead a massive fleet to explore a new world, Andromeda Galaxy. Below his rank, comes many brilliant Federation Captains. One of them is Captain Philip Kirk. He is... you know, James T Kirk's Illegitimate son. Well, the legendary captain was thrown into 25th century for a brief of time, spread his sperm to some girls and back to his own era again. Thus, Philip was born.

This Philip is... actually not a womanizer like his father. He loves only one woman and plan to merry her. But He just had a broken heart. His GF is actually his lost step sister with the same father. So because he couldn't marry her, Philip is broken heart and want to forget their beautiful moment by join the expedition fleet. He hopes that by going to andromeda he would find a new GF. Who? Dunno. Maybe an Octopus with 8 tentacles? I don't know. But, this captain lead the best small Starship belong to Federation. It is the descendant of Defiant Class Starship. A true warship of Federation. But because of it's compact and small feature, this warship couldn't travel too far to the galaxy. Philip previously call it USS James T. Kirk; but after found that his GF actually is his sister, he changed his ship's name.

Now, what will our heroes find in this vast new galaxy? A Klingon? Romulan? Borg? Ferengi? NOOOO! What they find is worst that they imagined. But... well, I don't know what they are. So let Picard and Kirk find these adversary themselves
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