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Re: Giant Trek movie poster bewilders me!

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MacLeod, susanmary428, and Alrik; As much as I appreciated your given input, I already happen to know what the poster was used for, which I never asked. (I won it over a radio contest, in which they said it was one for movie rental places.) What I would REALLY like to know is rarity, value, and buyer interest. Thanks.
It's not rare, and not worth much. I had two, and sold one for less than $20 bucks, and gave the other one to a convention to auction for charity, and even there, it didn't bring $25.

It wasn't the typical paper poster, it was thick plastic, very sturdy.

You can try offering it on eBay, but you'd probably have better luck waiting til the next movie is released, when there may be more interest in Trek.
This is exactly what I wanted to know! Thanks so much! You have made my choice to not sell it so much smoother. I do plan to get it autographed at the next convention I attend. That or I may opt for a more rare poster to be signed. Thanks again. : )
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