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Re: Voyager: An Alternate Journey 02: Voyager Tales

Part 5
Ten minutes later the two agents (as she thought of them. There wasn’t any other explanation she could think of) followed Janeway out of the turbolift onto the Bridge. “Your office is next to the command centre?” one of them asked.

“It’s soundproof,” Janeway said by way of explanation.

“Who are these, Captain?” Chakotay asked as he rose from the command chair.

“Someone who wanted to discuss something with me urgently, apparently,” Janeway replied.

“I see.”

Chakotay saw the mysterious duo enter the ready room behind Janeway. “It appears that the League may not be the only one’s interested in us,” he said.

“That would be a logical assumption,” Tuvok said.

Janeway sat at her desk. “Coffee, black,” she ordered the replicator. As the beverage appeared she asked her visitors, “Do you want anything?”

“No, Captain. I want to get to the point,” the female of the duo said.

“Some names may be useful,” Janeway said after she took a sip from her coffee.

“Agent Merika Benyg,” the female said.

“Agent Palitem Tetter.”

“What is the purpose of this discussion?” Janeway asked.

“We are representatives of an organisation that collects certain ‘oddities’ in League space and nearby sectors. Our scans identified energy signatures consistent with known examples aboard your ship.” Benyg replied.

“You scanned my ship?” Janeway asked.

“That’s correct, but merely for the energy signatures.”

“You should still have asked first,” Janeway said throwing her hands up in the air.

“Captain, we merely require the ‘oddity’ or ‘oddities’ and then we’ll be on our way,” Tetter said.

“Really? You don’t know how many there are?”

Benyg paced briefly. “We don’t but the reading was somewhere in the middle of your ship. There was interference.

‘Whatever their ‘oddity’ is its somewhere on decks 4 – 11. It would take them hours to search the ship,’ Janeway thought. “Why should I let you search for these oddities?” she asked.

“That’s need to know,” Benyg said.

“I think I do need to know if whatever it is is aboard my ship. What will you do with it when you find it?”

“We’ll take it back with us to where we store the rest of the oddities,” Tetter said.

“And if I refuse?”

“We’ll be taking it anyway,” Tetter replied.


“She isn’t listening to us, Merika!”

“Let me ask again, why should I let you search for this oddity?” Janeway asked, her voice low.

Benyg sighed. “I don’t normally give this out,” she said reluctantly.

“Out with it!” Janeway said, as Benyg paused.

“These oddities have various affects upon sentients. The effect varies from sentient to sentient.”

“Effects, what kind of effects? Are they harmful?” Janeway asked.

“They can be,” Benyg said.

Janeway thought for a moment. “I’ll let you search the ship, accompanied by myself and my chief of security.”

“That’s acceptable,” Benyg said.

Five minutes later, Janeway, Tuvok and the two agents emerged from a turbolift on Deck 4. “What is on this deck?” Benyg asked.

“Crew quarters, transporter rooms, a cargo bay, a holodeck and photon torpedo launchers,” Tuvok replied.

“Thanks,” Tetter said, he and his partner started scanning the deck.”
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