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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I just got back from The Dark Knight Rises. Amazing and epic film, a worthy conclusion for the Nolan Batman trilogy.


-While he wasn't quite as good as the Joker, Tom Hardy was an excellent villain as Bane. He's come a long way since Shinzon 10 years ago. I thought they did a great job with the voice although it was difficult to hear what he was saying at times.

-I absolutely can't believe I didn't see the Miranda Tate twist coming. I knew that Rha'Ghul had a daughter and I completely didn't think that she could have been it.

-And speaking of which, I TOTALLY didn't see that twist coming. Excellent twist with the John Blake character. Joseph Gordon Levitt is another Nolan favorite from Inception and a damn good actor in his own right. It's nice to be surprised and I was twice with this film.

-I definitely appreciated the callbacks to the original film. I knew that Neeson made a cameo and was thrilled to see him. It was great seeing Crane again too...I really do appreciate that kind of continuity.

-I read a few weeks ago that Nolan decided to make no reference to the Joker due with his relationship with Ledger and not wanting to exploit a tradgedy. I get that although it felt really strange not to mention the Joker at all, to say that Harvey helped rid the city of him in the beginning and so on.

-I was leary about the Ann Hathaway casting at first but I can see my concerns were unfounded. She was a terrific Catwoman. Was Bruce with Selina at the end of the movie?

-Michael Caine F'n rocked it.

-I could have without all the Occupy Wall Street complaing some of the character spouted out during the film and I thought that Digger (was that his name?) character was ridiculous.
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