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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Maybe unlike The Batman which took liberties with the mainstays people will be more open minded about this. I'm not so sure though as anything that isn't a continuation from BTAS isn't very warmly received (though a lot of people did end up warming up to Brave and the Bold).
B:TAS took plenty of liberties of its own -- as any adaptation will and should, since there's no point in doing an adaptation if you're not going to bring something new to it. It introduced new characters like Montoya and Harley, it blended characters and storylines ranging from the '70s to the '90s, it turned Gotham into an Art Deco/'40s-retro setting with modern technology, it totally changed Two-Face's origin and Catwoman's backstory, etc. It's just that B:TAS became so definitive in so many minds that we've forgotten all the ways in which it was revisionist.

So the problem with The Batman wasn't that it took liberties, it was that it had the misfortune of being the first new interpretation of Batman to follow the decade-long run of the DC Animated Universe, so it faced an uphill battle for acceptance. The fact that it was a less ambitious show made it hard for it to measure up to people's expectations.

I think with TB&TB, enough time had passed that audiences had gotten more used to the idea of having continuities other than the DCAU. And it helped that it was a much more creative and distinctive show than The Batman, which was reasonably good but not as inspired as the shows that bookended it.

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This could expand the richness of the rogues gallery. Before Mr Freeze in BTAS there was The Riddler in the 60s tv series. I believe he had only appeared in 2 issues in his 18 year history before Frank Gorshin played the role in 1966.
Not quite. He first appeared in two 1948 issues, but then appeared again in 1965, when Julius Schwartz reintroduced the supervillains to the comic. In fact, the premiere 2-parter of the '66 series (and Gorshin's debut in the role) was a loose adaptation of that 1965 issue, "The Remarkable Ruse of the Riddler" by Gardner Fox.
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